Edible Pen Foundation

Edible Pen Foundation
Inspiring productivity

This is the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Edible Pen Group. The focus of the foundation is to inspire the entrepreneurial drive of young people by supporting their dreams of starting and sustaining small businesses. The Foundation will also help see some bright young students through school and the final part of its responsibility is to help teenagers gain direction. We will achieve this by providing mentoring to teenagers through extensive talks and visits to several secondary schools within and outside Nigeria. The arms or projects under the foundation include:

I.Entrepreneurial Development & Business Support Services (EDBSS) – This platform will simulate a ‘close-to-free’ business school for people who show some interest in building businesses but can’t raise enough funds for formal business trainings. The participants will also get pro-bono consulting for their businesses so that they can build sustainable businesses and also pass their lessons to other people around them.

II.Educational Advancement Program (EAP) – We hope to seek out young intelligent people who have some constraints that will not let them pursue a proper education. Our focus will not be on the extremely intelligent but to make sure we help a good number of people get an education so that that they can at least figure out what to do with their lives. This education may be in formal schools or some vocational and other training schools. At the end of the educational journey, the beneficiaries of this program must be able to say some value has been added to them and with that value, they can be self-reliant

III.Teenagers' Mentoring Class (TMC) – The Teenagers’ Mentoring Class is one of the earliest initiatives of the Edible Pen Group. With the mentoring class, we intend to help teenagers gain direction in life. Because of this, we have started visiting several secondary schools in Nigeria, since that is where most teenagers are, and we will be visiting several secondary schools outside Nigeria. For more information about Edible Pen Foundation, please send a mail to foundation@ediblepen.org